Saturday 20 July 2013

Booktubeathon: Change of Plan

So as you will probably be able to tell from the few updates I've done on booktubeathon, it wasn't going well for me at all. One day I read less than 50 pages which is not good for me on the average day never mind during a readathon.

I was feeling a little down about the fact I've been doing to badly with it all because I really did want to succeed so I talked to a friend of mine about it who is also an avid reader. She said to me that the challenges are a good thing to be doing but not to worry about not reading it all in a week because it's been such a busy week and she's right. Because of that, I've decided to change what I'm going to do.

I'm not going to give myself a time limit (other than the end of summer) to read the books I'd picked out to read but I am going to cut myself a bit of slack and try to not stress over reading a certain thing in a certain number of hours because it would seem that doesn't work for me.

For the rest of you still doing the readathon, I hope it's going well!

Happy reading :)

Lucy x

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