Books are rated on a 1-5 scale which is roughly as follows (sometimes .5's will be used if I feel it's appropriate as my opinion lies somewhere between two of these):

1 - I really did not like it/ didn't finish it.
2 - I didn't really like it but got to the end.
3 -  I understand why it's a good book and appreciate it for what it is but it's not my cup of tea/ I liked it but would not continue the series/re-read.
4 - I really like it but it didn't blow me away.
5 - Absolutely loved it, it will be going on the favourites shelf.

Occasionally I come across a book for free. If that happens I will always let you know by marking the title with a '*' and stating where/how I received it at the bottom of the post. Even when this happens my review will be honest and I try to not be influenced by the fact I didn't pay for it. That being said, I will sometimes say I think the book is good but it is just not to my taste.

Note to Authors/Publishers:

If you would like to send me a copy of a book to review I will gladly accept it, although, as mentioned above, any review will be honest. I read a variety of books although mainly YA, usually either romance, fantasy or coming of age and I have particular interests in history and music. I will accept books from other genres although it should be acknowledged that I may not enjoy them and therefore my review may not be as positive.

Books sent to me will not be read and reviewed within a specific time frame unless requested. A review will be posted although it could be a few months before it is. If you would like a review to be up before the publication date or anything similar please state so.

I have a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and will accept e-books.

Please contact me at bookandabrew@gmail.com


I currently have an affiliate account with:
  • The Book Depository
This means I receive a small commission when you click a link/banner to their website from this blog and continue to purchase something during that session. It does not cost anything extra for you and does not affect you or your purchase. Receiving this commission means I'm able to run this blog and I use the money to help make this blog a better site.

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