Sunday 2 June 2013

Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan

167 Pages

Rating: 5/5!

Love is the Higher Law follows the story of 3 very normal teenagers living in New York and their experiences with 9/11. The description on the back of the book says "On 9/11, thousands of people died... but millions upon millions came together in ways they never would have imagined." and I feel that really sums up the story.

This novel very much focuses on the attitudes of New Yorkers during the horrific time and the ways in which they joined forces rather than the catastrophic events of September 11th 2001. The 'author's note' at the end of the book explains how David Levithan was in New York at the time and this seemed to give him the perfect perspective to write this novel.

Personally, I was alive during 9/11 but I was too young to remember it. Because of this, I found this novel really interesting as I found it explained what it was like in New York during the time and immediately afterwards in a way that news clips and reports can't. Love if the Higher Law is one of the most believable novels I've read in a long time and I felt like I was reading personal accounts from real people rather than the story of 3 fictional characters.

I honestly can't recommend this book highly enough. It was a quick read but is definitely the kind of book you will think about after finishing. I am amazed at the fact I haven't heard much about this book and it definitely deserves more attention. This is another of David Levithan's books that I have fallen in love with.

(Book 14/50)

Lucy x

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