Tuesday 20 August 2013

Bout of Books 8.0 Update 1 : Monday's Progress!

DAY 1: 172 Pages read!

Despite being out of the house for most of the day with my family, I managed to read far more in a day than I usually would have!

When I got home from our day out and I had eaten my tea and would usually go on my laptop for a bit (I say a bit, it would normally have been tumblr until the early hours of the morning followed by a little bit of reading) I told myself that instead of watching hours and hours of YouTube videos I needed to get some reading time in and seeing as though I wasn't doing anything more productive, that was the perfect time. I read a little bit and then at 9pm I decided to go and make a cup of tea and cwtch (for all you non-Welsh people, translated literally that means hug but in reality it's a little different, just go with it) up with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. One cup of tea and 3 hours later I could hardly believe that my reading time was up for the day! I'm definitely going to spend my evenings doing this more often, I found it gave me much more of a chance to get fully engrossed in the story whereas if I read just before I go to sleep for an hour or so my concentration is sometimes lacking a little.

After an emotional day of reading (Dobby-sob) I feel encouraged and inspired to do well in this read-a-thon! I might not be the fastest reader in the world and while some people might be reading hundreds and hundreds of pages a day I only managed 172 but for me, that's a lot! In the typical day I would usually read just under 100 pages (depending on the book of course).

How did you get on today? Is the read-a-thon going well for you so far or are you already slipping behind? Hang in there and keep reading!

Happy reading!
Lucy x

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